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I am just loving the Leo energies. Shine, baby, shine!! Got my second tattoo today. It's Leo Major and the large star is Regulus. Deep down inside, though their pride will never let them admit it, many Leos search for the approval of others. It helps them feel important and loved. Leo people can come across to other signs as being very arrogant and selfish, distancing them from those that they consider a waste of their time. An insecure Leo can sometimes be found showing off, desiring to prove that they are what they want to be perceived as.

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Love is the most important thing in a Leo person's life. They always need to feel appreciated and loved, and if they do, they return that love generously. They love all the theatrical aspects of love and courtship, the showy dates, grandiose gestures, the romantic and expensive dinners all being ways they show both their love and their pride. They make for passionate partners and bring the fires of excitement to all their love affairs. If they are ignored or left to feel unappreciated, they will feel very hurt.

Breakups and divorce are not just painful emotional losses, but also serious blows to their ego.

Leo Traits

The deep emotional impact a breakup can case a Leo is therefore twofold - they take it as a personal failure above all. Most Leos will do everything they can to avoid that outcome. Their great sense of pride can also mean that they have a problem with admitting when they are wrong.

On the other hand, when their partners have wronged them, they forgive quite easily, so long as the apology is sincere. They are not the type to hold grudges, and fall sometimes much too easily to flattery.

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Leo generally are accepting of everyone around them, and cultivate strong and long-lasting relationships. Much like the lion, people who share the Leo zodiac sign love a sense of community. They are very protective of their family and friends, and do not take real or perceived threats well.

Any kind of family rifts affect them deeply, as their highest priority is often to keep the family close, strong, and healthy. People who fall under this sign will have long lasting relationships with their family and friends, meaning that they rarely fall out of step with people, or lose relationships. When it comes to careers, a Leo will usually choose jobs that have a high pay grade. They like their luxury and material things, so money is something that will be at the forefront of their minds.

This works well enough, because they love to be the leader - meaning they often do well being the top boss and owning their own businesses.

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  7. They can often have some trouble when they first start off in a job and have to deal with upper management and taking orders from others. But when allowed to take the initiative and make the decisions, they will inspire others to be strong and decisive.

    Their pride can make them difficult to deal with but this also means they are immensely passionate in their work, and will always want to do the best that they can. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice.

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