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Not dissimilar to the interpretation as "responses or release" proposed in Emma Donath's "Asteroids in Midpoints". I thought of various things that could mean.

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Output is what comes out… often the result of a process or of efforts. He pointed out that Vertex should be a critical factor in horary charts, where it would indicate the outcome of the processes described in the chart. What did I discover in studying the Vertex in horary and natal charts?

Does this invalidate the talk about the Vertex being related to concepts of "fate" and "destiny" and "karma"? Certainly not. What we do in our lives, how we carry out or work and what we produce brings about our fate and destiny and creates new karma, and may be in some very important ways connected to our old karma.

So the once-prevalent definitions are not wrong; they have however now been integrated and grounded in daily reality. What one might say in a philosophical sense is that the Vertex is an indicator of the paths we are likely to choose in terms of action that will very strongly affect our fate, destiny, and karma.

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And it is pertinent that significant connections show up in synastry of important relationships, since if we do consider metaphysical and spiritual factors, the close relationships we cultivate often are very tied in with our own personal karmic issues. A short concise and practical true dictionary with brief clear and reasonably accurate definitions of frequently used astrological terms.

There are two of these Dictionaries, this is the best, partly because of the superior graphics, and because a brief bibliography is included. Carter, Charles E. A basic advanced work on interpretive traditions by a modern master.

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It is in this book, which is in essence a condensed casebook, that Carter expands the tradition of "signatures" for illnesses, note more illnesses than psychology as the title would seem to suggest. From a condensed casebook to proper statistical methods a la Michel Gauquelin is only a hop, skip and a jump. Davis, T.

This is a fairly good guide to the pronunciation of the many words not of English origin in use in Astrology and Astronomy. Very limited in its scope, it is excellent for the purpose of improving public presentation of these terms and for that purpose only. Its definitions are too brief to be particularly useful as a work of substantive reference.

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It has only 16 pages. Philisophical Library, This is one of the two most valuable nearly contemporary Astrological Reference books. The other is Sepharial's. It would be hard to contemplate serious historical research without it.

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De Vore is of the generation of Frederic Van Nostrand and Grant Lewi, essentially "between the wars", and had indeed a considerable knowledge of the subject, though he can be a bit uncritical now and then. Dean, Geoffrey and Mather, Arthur eds. This is billed as a "critical review" and it really is. Many many articles on every concievable contemporary application and research project on astrology.

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It has numerous formulas and algorithms printed nowhere else, for example. Essential for serious research programs, particularly scientific, and statistical. It is already slightly dated, and it is to be hoped that another edition is in the making.

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Dee, John Dr. Halliwell London, England, This Diary contains much fascinating material on the life, views and methods of Queen Elizabeth the great's leading astrologer, John Dee. The Appendix, which is a list of his Astrological, and other occult MSS is NOT aimed at works in English, for Dee was the master of many languages, but it constitutes the first attempt at a Bibliography of astrological books in the English speaking world.

Dee is perhaps most famous for his attempts to contact the spirit world using a crystal, and his recording of the "Enochean" language and alphabet, but he was a serious historian, astrologer and mathamatician in addition to his addiction to a primitive form of seance. This is a brief, conscise, and generally clear dictionary of astrological terms, intended for quick reference only.

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There are two such, both quite good; this is the longer, with slightly more elaborate entries, and with more entries in "cognate" subjects, such as parapsychology. The Bythriver Dictionary is probably slightly preferable both because it is slightly more concentrated, and because of it's superior graphics. Fleming-Mitchell has no Bibliography. Gardner, F. This valuable work, which is the only reasonably full attempt at a Bibliography in the English language on this subject, was first published in under the title, A Catalogue Raisonne of works on the Occult Sciences, Vol II, Astrological Books.

The only other valuable book for this purpose is the Catalogue of Dr. John Dee's Library, for which see the seperate entry. Gardner's Bibliography is not up to date, and it mostly deals with books to be found in England, and within these limits it is excellent. Paul, MINN, Every practicing astrologer needs an hour book, this is a good one. Another modern encyclopedic dictionary of astrological lore.

Good research, and fairly sound articles.